У нас обновление!

Появились две красивые новые косоворотки.

Одна красная в насыщенном цвете с белой вышивкой, другая белая с тесьмой.

Отличные недрогие варианты для...

Завершилось первое мероприятие, посвящённое Дню Косоворотки
- "Надень Косоворотку – Пришли фото для Общероссийского Фотоальбома".

Текущий год...

Сделано в России - 23.07.2020 00:09:02

Мы начали использовать товарный знак "Сделано в России"

Студия Артемия Лебедева сделала графический элемент (знак) "Сделано в России", который может использовать...

Самоизоляция - 25.03.2020 22:38:56

Уважаемые покупатели!

Время побыть в безопасном месте, дома.

С 28 марта по 05 апреля 2020 года заказы обрабатываются по мере возможности, но...

Главное событие 2020 года!

Международный конкурс "Русская Косоворотка» - 2020"

 конкурс «Русская Косоворотка» ставит своей целью популяризацию...

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A delivery is carried out on all territory of Russia and also in any point of the world.

The way of ordering and delivery

The chosen goods automatically are located in a basket. After that it is necessary for you to issue the demand by indication of the data necessary for the delivery of the goods.

If you buy the goods not for the first time or know that you can buy the goods in the future, we recommend you will be registered on the site. It is probably in two ways; put a tick in the corresponding line at the ordering or in the section «to be registered». It allows simplify a procedure of the subsequent orders, and it is not necessary for you to enter repeatedly the information about the customer and the address of delivery.

In the shortest terms we will prepare the order and we will inform about a readiness to execute it, sending you by e-mail Acknowledgement of the order.

Then you must pay the goods, and after the receipt on our settlement account of money the goods will be transferred to a delivery of the company chosen by you.

You can learn about a cost of the delivery in your destination by having contacted with us or having used the delivery calculator on sites of transport companies.

The exact information about the cost of the delivery of Post of Russia and ЕMS of Post of Russia is bringing to notice of a buyer at registration of the delivery.

A delivery of goods can be carried out by following transport companies:

Post of Russia;

Express mail «ЕMS Post of Russia»;

Limited liability corporation "Autotrading";

Limited liability corporation "Gruzovozoff";





A delivery by Post of Russia

A term of a delivery by surface transport usually makes from 1,5 till 6 weeks in depending on a remoteness of a region of the delivery.

A term of a delivery by air mails as a rule twice more shortly and makes from 1 till 3 weeks.

According to post rules, a post parcel or a small parcel which has been not claimed by an addressee within 1 month comes back to a sender. In addition, you must pay extra to post office for storage of a parcel more than 5 working days. Please, try to receive in time the orders which have come by post.

A delivery Service EMS Post of Russia

A delivery by cities of Russia for buyers is carried out also by the service «EMS Post of Russia". The delivery of orders is carried out to the address

mentioned by a client from Monday till Friday inclusive, from 9:00 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Attention! It is necessary to indicate the full mailing address (with an index) and phone of an addressee of the order.

A cost of a delivery varies in depending on weight and a region of the delivery and it indicates at ordering.

After your order will be sent, you receive the notice in which a number of departure is appropriated in a delivery service be specified. This number will be displayed also in section "My account".

You can use service Tracing of express departures EMS if you have entered received number into a window of the searcher.

Employees of service EMS will call to the addressee for a coordination of time of the delivery.

All departures are handed over personally to the addressee against receipt.

If a courier couldn't carry out the delivery from the first time owing to independent from him circumstances, the second attempt to deliver the departure will be undertaken in 5 days without a collection of an additional payment. After each attempt to deliver the departure the courier leaves the writing notice for the client.

Terms of storage of express departures EMS in post service departments are made 14 days since the day of their receipt. On the expiry of this term

the order will be transferred back in handmade-russia.com and cancelled.

A delivery of goods by other transport company

A delivery of goods can be carried out a transport company indicated above or other, offered by you. An indispensable condition of such delivery is

presence of a sister transport company in Syktyvkar.

A cost of the delivery of goods consists of expenses of the transport company connected with the delivery to destination and corresponds to the official established tariffs of the transport company.

A payment of the delivery of goods is carried out on the settlement account of Internet shop «Svyataya Rus». A cost of the delivery of the goods will be informed to a buyer at ordering or on the mail address of the buyer if technically it isn't provided for the chosen transport company.

A receipt on the settlement account of Internet shop of money for the goods means that the buyer agrees with delivery terms and must to pay the cost of the delivery under the transport company tariffs.

After a transfer of the goods to the transport company the obligations of Internet shop limited liability corporation «Svyataya Rus» are considered executed in full.

At the delivery of the goods the financial documentation confirming the fact of acquisition of the goods in our Internet shop will be transferred you.


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